About Us

Kid Lit Universe Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide authors and illustrators with a community that brings together the creative minds that make up the Kid Lit Universe. By creating opportunities for both published and pre-published authors and illustrators to come together to discuss the craft of writing for children, to learn how to promote and market their work, and to hear from experts in the industry.


Who We Are

After years of running her own business, Amy Ray was ready to let her imagination soar. The result was her mystery/thriller, DANGEROUS DENIAL (Barking Rain Press, 2014), about which Kirkus Reviews wrote: “Ray takes her time establishing her characters, including the bad guys, and with a rousing, indelible payoff, it’s well worth it.” Amy also has short stories featured in LOVE FREE OR DIE (Plaidswede Publishing, 2015) and MURDER INK (Plaidswede Publishing, 2016.)

Joyce Shor Johnson lives in New Hampshire with her family but will forever be a New York girl at heart. Her young adult novel, HOUSE OF GIRLS (3Petal Books, 2013), depicts the heart-wrenching Journey of a pregnant teen in 1960. MEET ME WHERE I’M AT, forthcoming  July 15, 2017, (Future Horizons) for children with special needs and autism.

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