How To Build A Writing Community

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Everyone has heard that writing is a lonely pursuit. And there are times when this is very true. But I have also found I can build my own universe full of other of writers and illustrators, creative and encouraging critique partners, masters of revision, and more importantly, establish deep friendships that nurture me and help me thrive.

This allows me to see the big picture, to be nurtured while nurturing others, and to continually improve at my craft. I’m never more energized to write then when I am with my peers. They cheer me on, hand me tissues when I need to kill my darlings, and push me forward with a gentle nudge when fear paralyzes me and keeps me from submitting, rewriting, or re-imagining. They also support me when the many unpredictable life events get in the way.

Too many times, I have come across writers who have lost their ambition because they feel isolated and lost. They are talented, creative individuals who need a life preserver tossed to them. They may only need it for a moment, or a few weeks, but once caught, they tend to hang onto it and use it to navigate their way back to their creative life. I have been lucky enough to be there when it happens and to see these wonderful people bloom once again. Because of this, I have always wanted to bring forth a true community for writers and illustrators where creativity can be nurtured.

So, I was very excited at the prospect of bringing Kid Lit Universe to fruition. Amy Ray was and is a very special woman. Her generosity and friendship have been the life preserver I’ve needed. Together, we hope to continue bringing supportive, and exciting seminars and workshops that will inspire and support each of you.

Kid Lit Universe is about bringing together resources, our guest bloggers, showcasing great books and authors, while exploring all things in the Kid Lit Universe.

Welcome aboard!

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