NH Literary Awards List of Nominees: Children’s Literature!

The finalists for the biennial New Hampshire Literary Awards are going to be announced at the end of this week, but first we wanted to let you know about all the nominees in the category of Outstanding Work of Children’s Literature. Because the awards are given every two years, books eligible for this cycle were published between June 1, 2013 and March 31, 2016. To qualify, books had to be written by New Hampshire natives and/or residents or have New Hampshire featured in their content.

There are two aspects of the New Hampshire Literary Awards. The first part involves a panel of judges that read and name the winner in each category. This Thursday from 3 – 7 pm the NH Writers’ Project (NHWP) is holding Writers’ Pint Out at Great North Aleworks (1050 Holt Ave., Manchester NH) to reveal which books have been selected as finalists.

The other facet of the competition lets readers have a say with the Readers’ Choice Awards. All nominees are eligible for this honor, even after the finalists have been named. You can vote for one of the following books in the Children’s Literature category–and in the other categories as well (Young Adult, Poetry, Nonfiction, and Fiction.) You don’t have to be a NH resident to vote. Disclaimer: My adult mystery/thriller, Dangerous Denial, is a nominee for Outstanding Work of Fiction.

The Readers’ Choice Awards will be announced at the New Hampshire Literary Awards ceremony on November 3rd.

AND NOW…the nominees for Outstanding Work of Children’s Literature (fiction or non-fiction) are:

albertsalmostamazingadventurewebAlbert’s Almost Amazing Adventure by Marty Kelley

Albert’s vacation was amazing—or so he thought. To friends, his time in Maine was boring. Dull. Lame. They’ve got a more vivid and exciting idea of what Albert could—and should—have done on his trip. But Albert might just have a surprise for his friends, after all.



9780399256431The Girl Who Heard Colors by Marie Harris

Imagine that when you hear a bell you see silver or when a dog barks you see red. That’s what it’s like for Jillian—when she hears sounds, she sees colors. At first the kids at school make fun of Jillian. Jillian worries about being different until her music teacher shows her that having synesthesia is an amazing thing.



9781680280296medLittle Birch Finds Peace by Rebecca L. Matthews

Cruel Pine often makes fun of Little Birch, causing him to feel sad and different. That is, until one day when a storm comes and changes everything. Little Birch thinks of Cruel Pine’s words still, even though his mother reminds him that he is perfect just the way God made him. One day, many seasons later, Little Birch sees the good in what God had allowed.



51DjTdNETsL._SX387_BO1,204,203,200_Petey Porcupine Rocks the Sox by Franklin Black

A quirky book about a porcupine who flies out of the forest and rides a creature with a hundred eyes to Fenway Park.




9781620915219_1This Orq (he cave boy) by David Elliott

Meet Orq, cave boy. And Woma, woolly mammoth. Orq love Woma. Only one problem: Mom is not a fan of Woma, who sheds and smells and is definitely not cave-trained. How can Orq convince his mother that Woma belongs with them? Orq has a plan to get Woma back in the cave . . .A satisfying story about friendship and loyalty, filled with humor and heart.


DolphinRiderCovWebWild Dolphin Rider by Nancy Donovan

Through the magic of desire, Sean discovers he can speak with Mari, a young dolphin mother, who takes him aboard her back for a day on the ocean. But just beyond the harbor jetty, Mari’s pod is scattered by a tuna fleet, and Sean soon wonders if either he or the pod will survive to tell the tale. Searching for Mari’s missing son, they confront the dangers of the sea—from lost drift nets to lightning storms—and readers learn how different life is for wild dolphins from those in captivity.



Already have a favorite? Vote now! Or pick up a copy of each and enjoy reading some quality New Hampshire children’s literature. Voting doesn’t end until midnight on September 30th.

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