What Is R.L. Stine’s Major Flaw As A Writer?

“My major flaw as a writer is that I love everything I write.” –R.L. Stine

Speaking at Bouchercon last month R.L. Stine said, “My major flaw as a writer is that I love everything I write.” His favorite book from his Goosebumps series is Brain Juice, but he usually answers the question about his favorite book with The Haunted Mask because it more well known. His latest Goosebumps book, The Lizard Of Oz, came out September 27th.

Stine says he doesn’t know why anyone would write for adults. He gets readers between seven and twelve years old and noted with humor, “It’s the last time in their lives that they’ll be enthusiastic.”

Stine said he wrote many humorous books that went unnoticed, then his first scary book was a hit. “It was number one and I said, ‘forget the funny stuff.'” His first three books came out in 1992. He said they just sat on the shelves until word got out via the secret kids network and then the books began to sell. He noted that times are different today and if they didn’t sell right away, they’d be pulled.

He didn’t know exactly how many books he’s written, but did speculate. “I think there are 130 Goosebumps books–that’s why I look the way I do!”

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