JoAnn Adinolfi – The Big Adventures of Mr. Small

68b71d_39f35e68acf64eefaab0eab7ffb1310fmv2_d_1300_1638_s_2Release date: 9/13/16

Creston Books

ISBN: 9781939547262

32 pages

“Can eyeballs be characters if they don’t have a face to sit in? If you add stick arms and legs, they can. When they link up with a “teeny tiny hamster” who’s in search of a big adventure, the result is a goofy plot …The sheer looniness of the premise combines with potty humor.”  – Kirkus Reviews

In The Big Adventures of Mr. Small, Mr. Small is a hamster with a big hunger for adventure. When he leaves his cozy cage and meets Big Dusty, he faces the biggest adventure of all – fighting the Dust Sucker 3000! Will Mr. Small defeat the evil vacuum cleaner or will he lose his friend to its voracious appetite? An easy-to-read, early graphic novel format showcases the comic adventures of a little hamster and his new friend.

a1lyl0udnpl-_sy200_JoAnn Adinolfi is the illustrator of many books for young readers. She was happily raised amongst a big, Italian family in Staten Island, New York and is now happily raising her family in New Hampshire with her husband and enjoys digging in her garden, cooking, traveling, African dance, dundun drumming and lots of other things.

A book she recently illustrated, The Little Tree by Muon Van, received a Kirkus starred review and a Publishers Weekly starred review. The Smithsonian Book Dragon said: “Written with empathy, drawn with vivacity, The Little Tree turns out to be quite a big story filled with hope, care, trust, and so much love.”

You can visit her website, follow her on Twitter, or like her Facebook page.

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